Company Presentation

“Fussl Modestraße” is an austrian fashion commercial enterprise, which includes a network of branch offices with about 150 locations in Austria and in the Moment 18 stores in Bayern. One important thing of the family business and of the road to success is the “Insourcing”, which means that the whole equipment of the Fussl shops is manufactured and installed by the own shop-building-teams. All the promotion materials are getting designed and managed at the head office in “Ort in Innkreis” (Upper Austria). Altogether FUSSL occupies over 1100 employees, what is according to the management, one of the “important components” for the success.

The road of success - from a general dealer to a fashion franchiser

The story of FUSSL began in 1871 when Felix FUSSL set up a general store in Ort im Innkreis. His grandson Karl Mayr, who is now our “senior partner”, took over the business in 1963. Those days FUSSL occupied only one employee. In those days the turnover was two millions shilling (about 145.000 euro) a year.
Karl Mayr was a visionary and in some kind a revolutionist. In the end of the sixties he doubled the sales area to 500 m² and establishes the first self-service store in Innviertel. During that time FUSSL sold beside textiles also groceries and housewares.
A little later, in 1967 he got to know Berta Mayr – his bride-to-be and since that time FUSSL as a name and its success are inseparable with Berta and Karl May which have managed the business until 1996.
In 1981 “Fussl Modestraße” started the network branching with the opening of another chain store in “Ried im Innkreis” (Upper Austria). At the end of the eightees FUSSL also made it to Salzburg.


The Expansion

In 1996 Karl and Ernst Mayr, the eldest sons of Karl and Berta Mayr, took over the management of the family business with 15 chain stores.
The further expansion of Fussl Modestraße continued. First of all the chain stores stretched out in a westward direction (Tirol). At the beginning of the new chiliad the first establishments were builded-up in Carinthia and styria. The further development followed at one go and the eastside of Austria was conquered.
2009 is the most expansiv and successful year in the history of “Fussl Modestraße”. All in one 21 new chain stores increasing the branch network to over a 100 locations in Austria.

2016 FUSSL startet with the first shop in Germany - exactly in Bayern.
Actual there are 160 Fussl Modestraße in Austria and Germany.



Numerous awards for Fussl Modstraße

FUSSL got the Employment-Oscar, a award for family-friendly business and the best placement among the 500 fast-growing businesses in Europe. 2015 Fussl was honored as the "Best Family-Business in Austria".
FUSSL-manager Ernst Mayr said: “We are very proud, that we are doing so well in the international competition. This is not something to take granted of, that FUSSL – which is a homely family business – is five times running the fast-growing fashion dealership of Austria.”
FUSSL also stands for a good working-climate, which is very important for anybody and is for sure one main reason for all the awards.


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